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5 Top Tips for Installing Flexible Flooring Profiles

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Here are our top tips for installing flexible flooring profiles. Follow our step-by-step guide for a top-notch job!

Ever wondered about the purpose of a flexible flooring profiles? This nifty invention provides a seamless transition between different types of flooring materials, ensuring a smooth, flawless finish every time. They allow you to connect different flooring types, like carpet to hardwood, or tile to vinyl. 

Additionally, the flexibility of these profiles makes it easier to install them around corners or on curved floors, offering adaptability and boosting practicality. They’re an essential piece of kit for anyone seeking a professional-looking floor finish, especially when dealing with unusual shapes and layouts.

Installed Flex Line Flooring Profile

Introducing the flexible flooring profile

If you’re on the hunt for a specially designed flooring profile that expertly handles curved edges, the flexible flooring profiles might be exactly what you’re looking for. This unique invention is perfect for dealing with bends; whether you’re working around columns or tackling a project with a small radius, this is the only profile that can navigate these complexities.

Made from a uniform thermoplastic substance, it guarantees flexibility even in lower temperatures. It can wrap around a 60cm radius unheated, and an even tighter 30cm radius when warmed. 

And the best part? You can use it on floors that are already in place. 

The profile’s versatility doesn’t stop there. It’s also completely waterproof, making it ideal for use in bathrooms or any other space that is exposed to water. It pairs perfectly with floors of various heights, which makes it a match for any material from carpet and parquet to laminate flooring, vinyl, and tiles. 

No matter the length that you require, we’ve got you covered, one of our products, Flex Line is available in lengths of 3, 6, 9, and 12 meters. For information on these custom lengths, please do get in touch with us.

Flexible flooring profiles are here to make your flooring project a breeze, with its special features designed to handle anything from wet conditions to bends and height differences.

What equipment do you need to install a flexible flooring profile?

The process of installing a flexible flooring profile, also called easy bend profiles, might seem daunting at first, but with proper planning, it can be a very manageable task. 

Once you’ve chosen the desired colour to match your decor and purchased your flexible flooring profile, there are a handful of handy tools that will serve you well during the installation process.

  • Tape Measure: This is critically important to determine the exact length and width of the flexible flooring profile installation area.
  • Marker: A suitable marker ensures accurate marking of the area and helps to prevent mistakes during the installation process.
  • Water: A bucket of water 40-60 degrees Celsius (or 104-140 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Cutter or saw: Required to cut and shape the flexible profile to fit the desired area.
  • Level: This helps ensure an even installation, which is especially useful when the flexible profile is being used to cover differences in flooring levels.

A Step-by-step guide to installing an easy bending profile

Once you’ve gathered your tools, it’s time to move on to the installation process. 

When it comes to installing your flexible flooring profile, precision and patience are key. 

Points to note:

  1. You should know that each trim you order arrives in pristine condition, wrapped in the manufacturer’s packaging. Included, you’ll find a flexible base to assist you in your installation process.
  2. However, be advised that screws aren’t included in the package. Therefore, you’ll need to provide your own. Multipurpose screws or plugs are suitable but do ensure they’re compatible with your surface type.

Follow the instructions below carefully, and you should have a top-notch job in no time!

  1. The first step is to draw the necessary line on the prepared base surface, such as the floor. When doing so remember to maintain the bend radius. This is vital to ensure flexibility. 
  2. Next, secure the base to the floor in the designated position. This can be achieved by simply screwing it down.
  3. Then, place your flex line trim into warm water, maintaining a temperature of 40-60 degrees Celsius (or 104-140 degrees Fahrenheit). This will need to be done for approximately 15 minutes. Doing so is essential, as it makes the material softer and more pliable, making it easier to install.
  4. Once securely placed, make any final adjustments needed to ensure a seamless fit. This might require additional trimming or moving the flexible flooring profile slightly.
  5. Your flexible flooring profile should now be installed successfully. Double-check its stability and alignment. It should provide a smooth transition and cover any level differences you had initially.

With these instructions, installing your flooring profile should be an easy and straightforward process.

For more product details about the flex line profile and other related products, visit our flexible profiles page category.

Should you require further assistance or bespoke advice tailored to your project our experts are on hand to offer advice. Just give us a call on 01249 588599


Hello there! Sham here, I'm the proud founder and owner of Cayrus World of Finishing, the UK's go-to expert for all things related to flooring finishing profiles. With a passion for design and a keen eye for detail, I've dedicated over 15 years to providing both commercial and domestic clients with top-notch flooring solutions. From the simplicity of door stops and skirting boards to the essential functionality of door thresholds and stair nosings, my team and I have it all covered. We even specialise in unique, flexible profiles for those bespoke projects that require a touch of creativity and innovation.

Running Cayrus World of Finishing as a family business means everything to me. It's not just about the products we sell; it's about the relationships we build and the spaces we help transform. My role primarily revolves around product development and operations, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed our customers' expectations. I take great pride in our ability to offer tailored services, design, and specifications that cater to individual needs, all while maintaining competitive prices.

Our journey has been one of constant learning and adaptation, driven by a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of our clients' needs. Whether you're looking for the perfect finishing touch for your home or need comprehensive compliant solutions for a large-scale project, I'm here to ensure that your vision becomes a reality.
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