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At ‘Cayrus World of Finishing’, we specialise in finishing elements for flooring. What’s unique about us, is that we provide products that range from skirting boards, stair nosing, door thresholds and door stops even anti vibration pads along with other essential accessories. We offer an extensive variety of products and as a small yet knowledgeable industrial team, you will feel a more personable customer service experience, where we aim to assist you in purchasing the exact profile suitable for your requirements. Aiming to provide all our customers with every option possible, sharing with you our products, progress and innovation in all aspects of finishing.

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When You Spend Over £50

Bihui 4PCS Silicone Application Set

  • Easy to use, no need to tape or mask joints
  • Designed to shape silicone sealant for a perfect neat finish
  • Various finishing profiles
  • Ideal for baths, showers, basins, windows sills, aquariums & balconies etc

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