Door thresholds provide an efficient floor divider and transition between two different floor levels or floors with the same height. A threshold trim can be used as a floor separator, enabling them to be connected without any gaps or step ups. This helps to prevent dirt and debris from entering the space, as well as reducing draughts. With a range of materials available, our door thresholds also offer soundproofing and insulation benefits. Additionally, they help to create a safer environment for those that may have mobility issues, as well as creating a visual connection between rooms when used in homes or workplaces.

To complete your flooring project, our selection of UPVC and aluminium door threshold strips provides the perfect professional finish. Our transition strips come in a range of colours and finishes to suit all floor coverings including solid wood, concrete, vinyl, carpet and laminate flooring. The floor divider trims are available with self-adhesive or screw fit formats. Door thresholds provide an efficient transition between two floor levels, while our threshold strips offer a seamless flooring transition strip for the perfect end result.